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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have an event coming up, may I book your truck?
    Yes, bookings are accepted on our BOOK US page. We are available for public and private bookings. Click here to complete your booking. We require that our minimum be secured in advance. Minimum payments are accepted online to reserve your date and time. If you want to add us to an event as a vendor, please consider sending a "Special Event" request — HERE. We use this option to consider public events and vending opportunities. We'll add your event to our calendar once accepted.
  • How do I find out if you have availability?
    Availability is visible once an event option is selected on our BOOK US page. Our calendars are up-to-date. There are instances where we may extend your time or make a slight adjustment. You may call us for this request. Adjustments may or may not be accommodated by phone. To check availability, simply select your event option and use the calendar to select a date and time. Once you select a date and time, you'll provide some info about your event and make a payment. You're All Set! We only have mobile units and service customers on a first come first serve basis. We only secure requested dates and times once our minimums or invoices are paid.
  • How do I confirm that my event is all set?
    Sweet! You will receive an email confirmation Subject: "🍧Thanks for booking with FROZEN SWEETS!" We will be there ready to party and serve. Once an event is booked on our site, you're confirmed and there's no need for worry! If any delays are expected or arise (traffic or weather), we'll reach out. This is the reason we require a cell phone for your on-site contact. Our friendly team will play fun music and provide exceptional customer service as we serve your event.
  • What if I need to cancel or reschedule my booking?
    We accept cancellations or rescheduling up to 24 hours prior to the event date and time. For FULL refund: Please notify of cancellation at least 7 days prior to the event date and time. If the cancellation is not 7 days or more, you will not receive a refund. You may reschedule your event. We will happily apply your payment to another event date. Rescheduling is at your convenience and is subject to availability. Invoiced amounts over $750 will not be fully refunded. You can reschedule or receive a 50% refund.
  • What should I do if my event option is not listed on the BOOK US page?
    If your event option does not appear on the BOOK US page, There are (2) options: (1) — Visit the CONTACT page and email the details of your event. We will follow up, send a quote or invoice and get your event booked. >>>><<<< (2) — Click on the LET'S CHAT button at the bottom and chat live. We usually respond very quickly to chat messages. If we are off-line, we will certainly return your message by email as soon as possible.
  • Do you deliver?
    We have dedicated routes in some areas around the city, and will pull directly to your location for service. You may send us a request to schedule a visit to your neighborhood or office location. Currently, we do not have on-demand ordering and delivery. Check back for updates as we will add a TEXT US option for notifications on our street routes. Updates soon come — SPRING 2023.
  • May I schedule a drive-by in my neighborhood?
    If you would like to request a scheduled day for a NEIGHBORHOOD PULL-UP or Neighborhood Food Truck Day, please click here. We can service your entire neighborhood. Just let everyone know that we are coming. Also, sign up for our SWEET STREET routes. Only in select areas. We’ll text you when we’re in your neighborhood. Usually we provide a time frame for our visit. Sign up HERE.
  • What if I have more guests than my pre-paid event option includes?
    We advise that you inform us of your best estimate of expected number of guests. Each event option locks in a rate per serving. Depending on the event option selected, you will be charged for each additional serving as noted with your event option. Extra servings are to be paid at the end of the event. Please note, there is a limit to how many people we can serve within the time allotted. We will do our best to serve extra guests, but keep in mind that we must leave at the scheduled end time to accommodate additional scheduled events. In such case, we may limit additional servings. You may also pay for additional time when available, but time must be secured in advance. Additional time may not be accommodated on site after truck arrives.
  • Can we keep leftover frozen desserts after a booked service?
    Yes, only up to (20) TWENTY left-over pre-purchased frozen dessert servings. We do not offer any cooler options for left-over servings. Our event rates are based on servings and the time our truck is out to service your event. If you have less people than was included in your event option, you will still be responsible for the full cost of the time block.
  • Can you serve for longer time than included under the booked service?
    Yes, but only if additional time is requested in advance. Each additional time block is an extra fee that is TBD. If you wish to secure more time, please allow us an opportunity to check if there are schedule conflicts. Unfortunately, we are not able to secure more time after arrival due to scheduling of other events.
  • Where will you park for my event?
    We can park in almost any area as long as it's safe and on level ground. If the event is at your house, we prefer to park at the curb in front of your house. Please make room on the street/curb for at least 2 car lengths of room to park safely. Sometimes, we are able to pull into your driveway. The driveway must be wider than 15 feet with no overhead obstructions and no cars parked on either side of the truck. Driveway must be clear. You may specify any special parking requests on our booking form. We will do our best to accommodate if possible.
  • Are there any additional charges?
    ADDITIONAL CHARGES + There are times when additional fees may apply. Additional charges may apply to the list below, but are not limited to this list. Extra Serving Time Custom Menu Requests Last Minute Booking (within 5 days of event date) may incur additional fees Saturday or Holiday Minimum may be higher than weekdays HOLIDAYS that may incur an additional charge: MLK Day, Valentine's Day, Easter, Cinco de Ma​yo, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, Juneteenth, July 4th (weekend), Labor Day, Halloween We do not provide service on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, or New Year's Day. We service areas in and around Atlanta, GA. In some cases, we may require a travel fee** or setup fee. ** Travel Fees are included within our 25 mile primary service zone. Additional travel fee ($45) and/or service fees may apply for events outside of primary service zone.​
  • How/when do I pay the remaining balance?
    You can pay the remaining balance anytime during the event or at the end of the event by card, cash or contactless options. The crew will process your payment. Payment type MUST BE presented on-site. In order to maintain security and privacy, availability of card information used online will NOT be accessible by crew on the truck at the event.
  • What forms of payments are accepted?
    We accept many forms of payment for your convenience. Acceptable forms of payments are: • Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay • CashApp (CashApp payments require a 2.75% convenience charge) • Credit Cards, Debit Cards • Cash • PayPal • Venmo • Frozen Sweets Gift Card (Digital or Physical)
  • Do you sell or accept gift cards?
    Yes! We ONLY accept FROZEN SWEETS TREAT/GIFT cards. Gift cards can be purchased online in our SHOP and at our mobile trucks. No other gift cards can be accepted. You can purchase digital and physical cards. Digital cards can be emailed or texted to the recipient. Click here. If you'd like, you can purchase our gift cards right now. Ideas for GIFT / TREAT CARDS: • Birthday gifts • Gifts for anyone • A secure card to give to your kids as they come out to the truck — ANY DAY! ANY TIME! • Load up for regular visits as standard payment option • Leave your debit card in your wallet and use your treat card
  • What if the weather is bad?
    Frozen Sweets operates in all weather. We show up as long as it's safe to drive our trucks. If you have an event booked and would like to cancel or reschedule due to bad weather, just let us know. We will gladly apply your payment to a new date.
  • Where can I find your menu? Gluten-free options? Vegan options?
    Upon booking a date, we can send a general menu to you by email request. Flavors may change, but products offered are usually standard. Our online menu can be found here. In addition to dairy ice cream, our menu includes some of the following options: • Vegan • Gluten Free • Nut-free • Soy Free • Nut Free • Kosher • Kosher Dairy
  • After I book the truck, may I add sundaes or deluxe options?
    Sundaes and deluxe options must be ordered in advance and can not be ordered day of event or after arrival. For catering, we stock our trucks based on pre-selected options. Our specialty items (sundaes, shakes, deluxe cookies, infused desserts) require extra staffing, age appropriate staffing and/or prepping the truck with ingredients in advance. Most of the work is in our setup time and not just product costs. If you decide to upgrade your option after your initial booking, you must let us know at least 3 days in advance of your booked date. Upon notice, a new per serving rate will be applied and will be invoiced in advance of service.
  • Do you provide decor for events?
    Yes, we provide balloon decor with truck reservations. Please reserve your decor service at least 2 weeks prior to your party date so that we may secure your desired options. We also provide event add-ons such as treat tickets, treat bags, etc. Visit our SHOP for more details and to purchase our wonderful apparel and merchandise.
  • Where can I purchase Frozen Sweets Merch?
    We have some cool items for purchase. Check out our SHOP.
  • What are some of the restrictions?
    RESTRICTIONS* Restrictions listed below apply directly to the YOUTH EVENT option: Extra time cannot be added for the YOUTH EVENT option. Custom menu items are not available for the YOUTH EVENT option. This service is ONLY available in the following counties: DEKALB, GWINNETT and FULTON counties. In some cases a $45 travel fee may still apply. Due to travel time and 30 min. time block the following cities/areas of the above listed counties are restricted for this option – Alpharetta, Berkeley Lake, Braselton, Chattahoochee Hills, College Park, Fairburn, Hapeville, Milton, Mountain Park, Palmetto, Peachtree Corners, Sandy Springs, South Fulton, Sugar Hill, Union City. * We have other event options available for the restricted areas.
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