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GIFT CARD  — Can be purchased as a DIGITAL or PHYSICAL CARD in $25.00, $30.00, $45.00 and $50.00 amounts. If purchasing multiple cards in different amounts then you must complete separate transactions. 


DIGITAL GIFT CARD purchases will be forwarded to your specified email or cell phone (please provide one choice). DIGITAL CARD purchases will incur a convenience charge of $1.50 and added to your cart.


PHYSICAL GIFT CARD purchases will incur a convenience charge/shipping fee of $2.50 and added to your cart. PHYSICAL CARD purchaes will be mailed to the address listed upon adding to your cart. 



• Birthday gifts

• Gifts for anyone

• A secure card to give to your kids as they come out to the truck — ANY DAY! ANY TIME!

• Load up for regular visits as standard payment option

• Leave your debit card in your wallet and use your treat card




– Recipient will have access to the digital gift card via the link received in the email or SMS message provided by you at checkout. A QR code will be provided and may be used to redeem gift card.


– The digital gift card may also be stored by downloading the free GYFT app and setting up an account. It is available for iPhones and Android devices. Recipient can also go to and set up a GYFT account to access gift cards. 


– Your gift card balance can be checked at our mobile trucks.


– If desired, you may also purchase a gift card by phone at
877-968-8968 ext. 813. Physical gift cards will be mailed to
the address provided. Usually arrives within 3-5 days. Digital gift cards orderd by phone can be sent within 5 minutes of order and can be used immediately. 


  • Gift card is redeemable for frozen desserts at our Frozen Sweets Trucks. Gift cards can not be refunded or exchanged. Gift cards can not be redeemed for cash or receive cash back advances. Lost or stolen cards may not be replaced. This card has no value unless activated by Frozen Sweets.

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